Journey to Your Center

A supportive, women-only, online community where you can finally let go of the pain and struggle and create the juicy intimate relationship with yourself that changes EVERYTHING.

Inside Journey to Your Center and Journey to Your Center Essentials, you’ll:

  • Lean in and discover the bullshit lies, patterns of pain and struggle, and false identities that you’ve been playing out ad-nauseum.
  • Recognize that your triggers are showing you what’s up for you to heal.
  • Release those charged emotions so they no longer keep you locked in trauma responses of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.

This is what I call the work.

When you lean into your work, feel your feelings, and love yourself no matter what’s going on around you, your life and all of your relationships will radically change (even when everyone else stays the same).

“I couldn’t hang on to my pain any longer. I didn’t like who I became after my hubby of 35 years died. It was time to roll up my sleeves and dive in. I didn’t think group work would be this AWESOME. But it is. I can relate to each one of these people’s stories. I realized we’re all mirrors of each other. Seeing others be raw and open gives me the courage to do the same.”


Journey to Your Center

Are you ready to radically change your life?  This is a community of like-minded women  showing up exactly as they are.  You’ll receive a boutique-level of support that will help you make the massive shifts that you’ve always wanted to make but didn’t know how, and more.

It’s the perfect community for you to roll up your sleeves, dive in, and do your work.

JTYC Essentials

Are you ready to finally make change in your life? Essentials provides you with tools and support for you to make changes in your life and your relationships. You do the work on your own.

It’s the perfect place for you to do your work and feel supported whenever you need help. This is a great starting point for joining the circle.

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle